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    Intel DH77EB - Problem with KNC TV-Station DVB-S2 Twin Card & 23.976 hz




      my new DH77EB doesn't detect the KNC TV-Station DVB-S2 Twin Card x1 in any PCIe slot. In the bios "Configuration", "PCI/PCIe Add-In Slot" give that the slot is "Not populated". I checked the card in another system (with DH67GD) to be sure that the card is not broken. In that system the card is working fine. The card is working without any problems. A other PCIe card (a USB 3.0 controller) will detected without a problem.


      second problem: the HD4000 locked at 24.000 hz when i select 23.976 hz.


      What I have done to try to solve the problem:

      • I installed the latest bios version EB0062.BIO
      • reset to system default
      • try the other PCIe slots
      • try another KNC TV-Station DVB-S2 Twin Card
      • update to the latest drivers


      Does anyone have a solution to this problem?


      Any help is appreciated!