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    DN2800MT External AC Adapter




      I purchased an Intel Boxed Motherboard DN2800MT.  I am very excited to get it going.  However, I don't have the correct power solution.


      I found in the Technical Product Specification (TPS) there are two options: use External AC Adapter at the DC input Jack or use a 1x2 connector on the PCB.


      For the 1x2 connector, the TPS gives the manufacturing part numbers for the mating connectors. I can try to order them. I think I found them on mouser. Then I will wire something up.  Probably not too elegant.


      For the circular DC input.  The TPS says it is a 5.5mm outer diameter and a 2.5 inner diameter.  I looked through my collection of AC adapters from old laptops.  My old Gateway seemed to have the correct dimensions. Here is a link to an online copy of it.



      The TPS says it is 5.5mm and 2.5mm, BUT it does not fit.  It looks like it would slip in but the post of the PCB connector is too big around.  Are the dimensions in the TPS correct?  I am bit nervous to order another adapter with these dimensions to find out it doesn't fit either.  Is there a list of compatible AC adapters?  Maybe with a link to where they can be purchased?  (Or at least a link to the manufacturers website so I could ask them where to buy one).




      Michael Anderson