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    Data / Hardware Error on 320 300 GB


      Hi guys,


      Just got my new SSD today and already I'm having issues with it Misery loves company ring so true.


      So here's my system. MacBook Pro late 2011 model. I swapped the new 320 in and did the deed. Installed OSX Lion and did all the updates and started transferring all my films.

      Problem 1: my laptop went deawd (I think) where the screen went blank for a few seconds as though as it did a super fast, this happened while the files we copying.

      Problem 2: I canceled the transfer thinking there could be a corrupted and deleted the partially copied folder to start over, however the system kept telling me it couldn't copy a specific files e.g. Acbbythisartist.mp3 because the file already exist but it isn't on the drive at all.


      I decided erase the drive and start, problem 1 didn't happen which was great but problem 2 persisted. The system kept telling me a file is there but this is a newly formatted drive. How can it be possible??


      Looking for some help plz. Brownie points if there's a solution that can be done on a Mac