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    How do i change the splash screen of a board?


      Does anyone know how to change the splash screen on a intel s3000 ah board?

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          You can change by


          • Create 640x480 256 color bmp picture
          • Download the ff:
            •     Logo Update Utility [ChangeLogo_416.ZIP]
            •     S3000AH BIOS Update Package for DOS
          • ChangeLogo_416.zip...look for the changelog.exe and run it.
          • Click load image and select AH.86039.rom from the R39 bios folder.
          • Click browse and select the bmp picture you just created.
          • Click replace logo, this is overwrite the old logo that embedded with the bios rom.
          • Click save image as Intel.fd for example.
          • Click exit to exit from the change log application.
          • Change intel.fd to Intel.rom
          • Make the USB bootable and then copy the following into the USB key:
          •       -Afudos.exe
          •       -Intel.rom
          • Boot from the USB key and then run Afudos.exe /iIntel.rom


          Good luck