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    D2700DC won't boot with RAID controller installed in PCI slot?


      I have a D2700DC manufactured January 2012 with the shipped BIOS installed.  The board is very nice and the install was very straightforward.  But I am having trouble with it in a particular configuration.


      A Corsair NOVA 30GB SATA SSD is installed using the SATA controller on the D2700DC.

      The system boots fine in this configuration.


      I also have 2 Western Digital Green 2TB drives connected to a StarTech PCISATA4R1 RAID controller installed in the PCI slot on the D2700DC.  The system will not boot in this configuration.  The boot occurs as follows:

      1. Intel BIOS starts OK
        • Boot sequence lists 30GB SSD as the first device
      2. RAID BIOS starts OK
        • 2TB drives are recognized OK
        • RAID 0 selected OK
        • Logical drive set up OK
      3. Screen goes dark with a flashing "-" in the upper left corner.
        • System stays in this state indefinitely


      I tried attaching the SSD to the RAID controller and disabling SATA ont he D2700DC.  This did not work.


      If I remove the RAID controller, the system will boot fine.


      I am wondering if the D2700DC has any known incompatibility with PCI SATA RAID controllers.  My intent was to use the SSD as a system disk and the 2TB drives purely for mirrored storage (basically a server configuration).


      Any advice would be most appreciated.