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    Issues with DZ77BH-55K documentation and product page




      Just wanting to provide some feedback and seek some clarifications around the documentation for the DZ77BH-55K board.


      1) The main product web page states the following:


      At product launch, this Intel® Desktop Board DZ77GA-70K supports:


      Intel® Core™ i7 -K processors series and other processors in an LGA1155 socket



      Note that the model number is wrong, which casts doubt on the validity of all the specs on the page. Are these specs also valid for the DZ77BH-55K?


      These incorrect specifications have subsequently been copied verbatim to a myriad of retailer's websites. Whilst it can be assumed that the CPU compatibility will be identical between the 70k and 55k, as a consumer I would prefer not to have to assume anything and rely ona accurate technical information from the manufacturer.


      2) It appears that the IEEE1394a chipset is not documented within any publically accessible documents, including the otherwise comprehensive System Integrators Guide.


      3) The System Integrator's Guide suggest visiting processormatch.intel.com to view a list of compatible processors. The product information page also has a link to "View all compatible processors" at http://processormatch.intel.com/CompDB/SearchResult.aspx?BoardName=dz77bh55k. The processor match page states there are no processors compatible with this board. There's little point in recommending customers check the Intel webiste for compatible processors if Intel can't advise on what processors are compatible! Combined with point 1), it leads to a confusing situation for consumers.