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    Automatically Create a Digest User and Password in AMT


      Hi, I’m trying to create a PowerShell script to automatically create a digest user account and password in AMT and be able to add the account even if the workstation is powered down.


      I’ve been testing the New-Item AMT:\Config\ACL\Digest\”Username” option as described in the following URL: http://communities.intel.com/community/openportit/vproexpert/microsoft-vpro/blog/2011/03/30/powershell-module-for-intel-vpro-technology-version-30-amtsystem-powershell-drive-provider - however, I get prompted to manually enter a password which I’m need to avoid.


      The objective of what I’m trying to achieve is the following:

      1. The workstation is vPro enabled using SCS and the default digest admin account and the password is set using the Digest Master Password feature in the SCS. (I cannot use TLS/Kerberos and cannot set a digest account in the profile either).


      2. PROBLEM: As you cannot establish a SOL session using the default admin account and DMP (as the DMP is 44 characters in lengths and currently SOL only accepts a maximum password length of 32 character), I want to write a script in PowerShell to connect to the vPro enabled workstation and create a digest account and password automatically. – For additional information on this please refer to: http://communities.intel.com/message/152489


      3. I’ll then Invoke-AMTForceBoot to establish a SOL session, and once complete, automatically delete the account again.

      Below is a copy of the script I’m working on and it works fine when I manually enter the password for the created digest user when prompted (Currently in the script I’m prompting for the hostname and default admin account and DMP, however I’ll be passing these through from the extended script automatically)


      # Begin flow template


      Import-Module 'IntelvPro'


      $hostname = read-Host ("Workstation Name")


      $Cred_DMP = Get-Credential #DMP Credentials


      # Add Digest User Account for SOL connection


      New-PSDrive -Name AMT -PSProvider amtsystem -Root "/" -ComputerName $hostname -Credential $Cred_DMP


      New-Item AMT:\Config\ACL\Digest\TestUser #Digest Username is hard coded


      At this section part I get prompted to enter a password for the digest user account ‘TestUser’


      Set-ItemProperty AMT:\Config\ACL\Digest\TestUser -Name Privileges -Value RC,REDIR,EVTLOG


      # Connect to workstation with SOL


      Invoke-AMTForceBoot -ComputerName $hostname -Port 16992 -Operation reset -Device BIOSSetup -Console SOL -SOLTerminalPath "telnet" -SOLTerminalArgList "-t ANSI %Port" -Username TestUser -Password P@ssw0rd


      Currently the username and password is both hard coded, but aiming to be able to pass this through as –Credential $SOL_CRED


      # Remove Digest User Account for SOL


      Start-Sleep -Seconds 40


      Remove-Item AMT:\Config\ACL\Digest\TestUser


      Remove-Module 'IntelvPro'


      # End flow template


      As mentioned before, when I run the script and manually enter the password for the created digest user ‘TestUser’ the script works as it should.

      It would be create if I could get a script to create the necessary digest account and password automatically.