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    AHCI Driver constantly pinging disk on Windows 7


      I'm using the Intel 5 Series 4 Port SATA AHCI Controller driver.  I recently updated to the latest version ( in hopes of solving the following issue but no such luck.


      My disk activity light blinks from startup to shutdown at appx. 1 second intervals.  While I have not directly verified what's causing it on my system yet, I found a thread at a Windows forum describing exactly the same issue and the poster isolated it to this driver.  He solved the problem by removing the driver because he didn't need the functionality.  Unfortunately, I do since I recently installed a SSD and need AHCI support for it.  According to the thread poster's data, these accesses include writes.  This is particularly troubling as SSDs lifetimes are typically limited by write/erase cycles.




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          A couple things I forgot in last post: 1) Same thing happens in safe mode and 2) Performance Monitor shows the System process doing the writing  Both oif these, along with what I mentioned before, have me pretty convinced it's the driver.

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            Nevermind.  Driver is fine.  Blinking light was due to Windows pinging DVD for autorun functionality.   Disabling drive (I rarely use it) stopped blinking.  Microsoft SysInternals tools show a lot of "idle" state disk writes but that's the nature of Windows according to some feedback I got at Microsoft TechNet.  I was able to reduce these (for the sake of SSD longevity) using msconfig to only start what I appear to need.  I'm a happy camper.