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    need to set graphics card RAM to Maximum DVMT


      my motherboard is HP 144C

      BIOS Version: HP F.29

      I need a tutorial on how to change this because i just bought Call of Duty: Modern Warefare and it runs extremely slow on all low textures when my specs are

      intel i5 2793MHz

      2GB RAM

      Intel(R) HD Graphics 1.9GB (64MB Dedicated RAM *sadface*)


      How Do I Change This? To "Maximum DVMT"

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          Hi there!


          In most cases, the computer manufacturer has already configured the system to use the maximum amount of graphics memory that is possible for your particular computer model.  Sometimes you can change these values through BIOS level.


          Check with your computer manufacturer if there are tips on increasing the amount of graphics memory for your computer model.


          If you are interested in additional information see graphics memory frequently asked questions:





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            give me a proper reply i had esactly the same thing said to me on my last post

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              Hi Sorrensen,


              I have had EXACTLY the same response to a similar post by me. It is rather frustrating that a lot of people are asking the same question only to get a worthless spiel back from the Intel forum staff.


              However, to be fair to the forum staff, I suspect that Intel do not have a decent response as (1) adjusting the DVMT values has no effect in Windows 7 (and Vista I believe) and (2) the driver development is out of their hands. The driver and the Intel utility would, of course, be the best place to sort this gross oversight out and to hand control back to users...



              To the Intel staff who are responding to these posts with the same rhetoric time and time again,


              Please can you pass on all these messages to your development team and emphasise that users WANT to be able to adequately control the graphics RAM allocation in their PCs. The i3/i5/i7 series CPUs have a built-in IGP that uses DVMT - great! Now let people choose to disable the DVMT and allocate a fixed amount because it doesn't work properly!