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    Intel DP55KG with a 66 error code


      My computer stop booting up, a code 66 appears on the mother board display, it won't do anything else. I follow some indication posted in another blogs like pressing Y to enter to the Bios setup, but it won't work. This 66 code doesn't appear in DP55KG LGA1156 error codes list from the technical manual.


      Please if some came across this problem and got a solution please shear it with me. By the way I have installed Microsoft XP proferssional 64 bit as OS.


      I will appreciate any suggestions.

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          Hello jrod1228,


          I understand that your system freezes during POST and the LED indication shows error code 66.


          That error code is related to the initialization process and sometimes related to the video card.


          In order to assist you further, I recommend you to post your full system configuration like processor, power supply  RAM memory, BIOS version, etc.