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    W2008 R2 server on DN2800MT


      Tried to install Windows 2008 server R2 on dn2800mt. All instal seems OK, but then when final reboot on windows, seems crashed, no video output. Windows 2008 server is 64bits, could it be the reason ? Or is it linked to the GPU ?

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          Hello elantm,


          I see that you are having problems installing Windows* 2008 server 64-bit on the Intel(R) Desktop Board DN2800MT.


          In regards to your inquire, Windows* 2008 server 64-bit is not supported on the Intel(R) Desktop Board DN2800MT, furthermore 64-bit operating systems are not compatible either.


          Here is the list of supported operating systems:







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            Hi Victor, and thank you for this fast answer.

            About 64 bits systems not being supported, I'd like to highlight that FreeNAS 64bits IS running.very well.

            It looks like the 64bits limitation is not from the n2800/nm10 itself but either from some devices (thinking about Intel's GPU driver or BIOS part) .

            I am convinced that a later BIOS update could allow w2k8r2 install, even with reduced graphic capabilities (which is anyway not what is wanted when using w2k8r2 server). Would you confirm/deny my understanding, and inform if there is a plan to deliver a later Bios and/or drv update to allow Win64bits ?

            Best regards


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              Alexi Gilbert

              Did you ever solve the problem?


              I recently got this board and installed 2008 Server (R1, x86) and found the same problem. I can't tell you why this works but if you fake a connected monitor with a resistor ( Dummy Plugs for Graphics Cards - bit-tech.net Forums ) it will allow the system to boot up correctly. Then set the monitor to turn off after one minute to save a watt or two.


              I am running with no graphics driver installed / standard VGA adapter. I'm still to find a driver that works for this OS.