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    Intel My Wifi Dashboard limitations?


      I've been playing around with the new MWD interface, which is supposed to replace the MWT interface which was previously provided.  I am not able to find anywhere to configure a WEP, WPA, or non-encrypted legacy "hotspot" in this new application, which was supported in MWT.  Many wifi devices manufactured before 2004, like classic Orinoco Gold wifi cards, will not support WPA2 standards.  Is there any way to set these legacy network configurations, or are the abandoned by design for security reasons?

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          You are actually correct; this feature is not made available in the Intel® My WiFi Dashboard, this due to security.


          It is not likely for a workaround or different method be added in the future, but we do appreciate your feedback in this matter. And I will make sure your comment reaches the proper department for future consideration.

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            Put me down as a critic of this restriction. There are still ways to set up a hotspot, google "virtual router manager" that get around Intel's "helpful" decision to protect me from myself, just not as convenient.  Instead of turning the feature off, consider an "are you sure warning", or insist that it not be an open hotspot.  I can't put a 6300 wimax adapter in my Lenovo W500 because the bios has a wifi card whitelist that the 6300 isn't on.  The card I have is a Wifi Link 5300agn that does wpa2, so the security excuse seems contrived.

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              Add me to the list, I suppose. I've been trying to find a work around for this all week. I used to be able to make WEP networks, but ever since I updated the drivers and software to this new version, I can't. I'm also unable to locate the previous software to rollback the updates. I'm upset at this, not in the sense that the product isn't advanced enough to do what I need, but that it's limited by design. And that's one thing that always gets at consumers-- when they're being 'protected' from what they need.


              But thank you maxgauss for your post. I'm checking out that program now. It never occurred to me a 3rd-party program could ever work.

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                Hi, same problem here but I have the previous version for windows 7 (32 and 64 bit) from manifacturer. I reverted too to previous release 'cause of missing functions (such as DHCP scope). Drop me a line for the 14.x software or check it out on Lenovo T420 (Intel N- 6205) site..



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                  I would also like to voice my irritation that this functionality is not available. You should ALWAYS leave it up to the user to decide if they want to do something or not. If you feel it is unwise due to security issues, put warning messages on there that look scary to the layperson. I want to be able to connect my devices that only support WEP to my laptop's internet connection, but I can't do that without the ability to change the security settings. I highly recommend adding that feature back to the software in an update.