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    RS2WC080 + mdadm


      Hello everybody,

      I have Intel RAID Controller RS2WC080, 8 x HDD 1 Tb SATA-II 300 Western Digital RE4 and SuperMicro 2U 6026T-6RF+ server platform. I want to use the RAID Controller without any integrated RAID functionality.Is there the possibility to forward SATA drives directly to operating system?

      I want to install Debian Wheezy (6.02) on software raid (mdadm).

      I see that disks can be configured into "JBOD mode". Does JBOD means drive forwarding, or it means some array configuration?

      I want my system can be portable and not depends from RAID controller.

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          Yes the RAID controller RS2WC080 supports JBOD mode. Drives not configured as part of a RAID array can be configured as “pass through” drives (JBOD) in Non-RAID mode. All new drives that are hot-plugged will automatically become JBOD.