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    Intel Mobile GME965 chipset max supported sata drive sizes

                I am looking to upgrade my laptop (a 2009 HP 550) with a larger hard drive. I'm just not sure and haven't been able to find any documentation on the maximum hard drive density supported by this chipset when using the sata interface. I am looking at a 1TB 
      Western Digital Scorpio Blue WD10JPVT 1 Tb 2.5" Internal Hard Drive - Sata/300 - 5400 Rpm - 8 Mb Buffer as a replacement drive, but want to make sure the board will see the correct size. I understand it will be in the neighborhood of 931GB usable if recognized properly, and am alright with this , just need to make certain the board will see it correctly.
      Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.
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          The SATA controller on that system is designed to support up to 2 TB drives.


          However, take under consideration that this is part of the design, which does not necessary mean that this has been validated and certified by your laptop manufacturer. At the end, if the BIOS installed is not capable of recognizing 2 or 1 TB drives then the system would not work.


          In this case, you should check directly with your Original Equipment Manufacturer to check compatibility.