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    Intel chipsets &  hardware virtualization



      In advance I apologize for the bad english


      I'm going to do a computer upgrade

      I'm somewhere on the forums read that not all Intel chipsets support hardware virtualization.


      I plan to buy Core i5-2500 cpu

      And I want to use it with 2 virtual machine through VirtualBox with enabled hardware virtualization VT-x


      Please tell me what chipsets will work? So that work is hardware virtualization, and not just a program, or what I've read all this stories?


      For example how will things were with the H67?


      If you can write all current Intel chipsets to be friends with VirtualBox & VT-x


      Thanks a lot!

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          All Intel chipsets from last three years support VT-X CPU feature, except chipsets suited for Intel Atom CPUs (which itself do not support VT-x). Stories you probably seen are (in context of Virtual Box remark) about more advanced tech called VD-d, feature allowing direct linking of PCI/PCIE devices to virtual machines. This is currently still considered by Intel as server-directed technology and support in desktop products is still hidden in the mist. Even top-rated Intel desktop CPU also not always support VT-d, chipset compatibility is a second stage of troubles.

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            Thank you a lot JFFulcrum