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    Can the same software application be open several times and run by different cores?




      I'm working in statistical analysis with a software (not too complicated) developed in Visual Basic. The calculations are however very long and time consuming, and I'm planning to chance from a dual core to a 4/6 core processor. As I understand, multiple cores do not necessarily will translate into a higher speed for a single application as they are meant to handle different applications at the same time but not to split the work of one single application among the processors (unless it is a multithread application). The question is whether, if I open the same software several times (let's say 6 times) and run the same six applications at the same time in parallel (but each one dealing with different parts of the calculations), whether a 6 core processor will handle the work so that each "core" will deal with each of the 6 parallel applications that are running. This would mean that in fact with a 6 core processor the time needed to carry out 1 calculation with my software would be the same than the time needed to carry out the 6 calculations in parallel, is this correct?