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    DH67BL Desktop Board fails to move mouse pointer.


      Hi there!


      Recently, my pc start fail to move the mouse. The problem is related to refresh rate on usb mouse (a razer orochi). The mouse arrow moves smooth for a while, and starts to fail, moving in steps like a failure of sensor to detect a suface,  and finally don't move.  All buttons, and scroll wheel stil working fine.


      I make this checks:


      1 try mouse in other pc and it's works fine. Updated mouse firmware but problem stils happening.  When i install other mouse in my pc, it's starts to make the same error in mouse pointer movement. I bougth a usb bluethoot dongle (Razer orochi is dual: wired/wireless) and test it, but the same.


      2 Update windows 7, reinstal drivers of mouse, reboot a lot of times to finally discover when i go to reinstall that same problem appears in windows 7 install disk. I tried using a live pendrive of ubuntu, and the same exact mouse pointer issues  happends like in windows 7.


      3 check the ram memory using memtest86 in a usb pendrive and test results are 100% fine. Updated bios of mainboard


      4 unpluged hard disks and all devices i can (just a minimal hardware setup w/one mem slot, video and usb pendrive) and tryed ubuntu again. but nothing new happends.


      And mouse pointer problem not solve. i dont have more ideas :s i really needs help!


      I attach the system identification utility for reference to hardware.


      Thanks and sorry for my bad english



      Intel System Identification Utility Reference Number: 0113 5669
      Date Created: Tuesday, April 24, 2012 7:21:14 PM
      Collapse/Expand SYSTEM INFORMATION
      Computer ManufacturerIntel Corporation
      Computer ModelDH67BL
      Operating System (O/S)Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Edition Service Pack 1
      Operating System Build (O/S)(build 7601), 64-bit
      Operating System (version)6.1.7601
      O/S Language2C0A
      System RAM8.0 GB
      .NET Framework Version3.5.30729.5420
      CD or DVD Devicenot detected
      System Hard Drive Overview
      System Total Storage Size:1.2 TB
      Local Disk C:298.0 GB
      Used space:173.7 GB
      Free Space:124.3 GB
      Local Disk D:200.1 GB
      Used space:33.6 GB
      Free Space:166.5 GB
      Local Disk E:500.1 GB
      Used space:294.6 GB
      Free Space:205.5 GB
      Local Disk G:31.1 GB
      Used space:23.1 GB
      Free Space:8.0 GB
      Memory Detail
      Total Physical Memory8.0 GB
      Available Physical Memory5.8 GB
      Total Virtual Memory2.0 GB
      Physical Drive0
      Bus TypeSATA
      Physical Drive1
      Bus TypeSATA
      Physical Drive1
      Bus TypeSATA
      Physical Drive1
      Bus TypeSATA
      Internet Browser [1]Internet Explorer
      Internet Browser Version [1]9.0.8112.16421
      Internet Browser [2]Firefox
      Internet Browser Version [2]11.0 (es-AR)
      Collapse/Expand CHIPSET INFORMATION
      Chipset Software Status
      Intel® Chipset Installation File (INF) detectedIntel® H67 Express Chipset Family
      Detected Chipset INF Version9.3.0.1019
      Chipset INF StatusThis version is valid
      Detailed Chipset InformationIntel® Chipset Identification Utility
      Collapse/Expand GRAPHICS INFORMATION
      Graphics Product  [1]NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450
      Driver StatusNon-Intel device detected
      Video Memory4.0 GB
      Current Graphics Resolution1920x1080
      Current Color Depth32 Bits Per Pixel
      Raw EDID [1]00  FF FF FF FF FF FF 00 1E 6D A6 57 87 1B 00 00 06 15 01 03 E0 33 1D 78 EA  C6 65 A0 59 58 9D 27 0E 50 54 A7 6B 80 B3 00 81 80 81 40 71 4F 01 01 01  01 01 01 01 01 02 3A 80 18 71 38 2D 40 58 2C 45 00 FE 22 11 00 00 1E 00  00 00 FD 00 38 4B 1E 53 0F 00 0A 20
      ManufacturerIntel Corporation
      AA NumberAAG10189-207
      BIOS VendorIntel Corp.
      BIOS VersionIntel Corp. BLH6710H.86A.0151.2012.0312.1138
      BIOS Release Date03/12/12
      System Memory8.0 GB
      Built-in Audio Driver ComponentRealtek ALC892
      Built-in Audio Driver Version6.0.1.6215
      Built-in Audio Driver StatusNewer Driver Available
      Bios SoftwareBios Information
      ModelIntel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz
      Intel Processor analysis toolsIntel Processor analysis tools
      CPU Speed3.4 GHz
      Link to Processor SpecificationLink to Processor Specification
      CPU Revision25
      CPU Type00
      CPU Family06
      CPU Model2A
      CPU Stepping7
      Wired Networking ProductIntel® Desktop Board DH67BL: Intel® 82579V Gigabit Ethernet
      Driver Versionnot detected
      Driver StatusNewer  Intel® PROSet version available
      Intel PROSet Version15.6.25.0
      Hardware IDsms_pptpminiport
      Wireless Networking Productnot detected
      Driver Versionnot detected
      Software/Driver StatusDevice is unknown or unsupported
      Latest version availablenot detected
      Hardware IDsms_pptpminipor
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          You might be having a compatibility issue with this particular mouse you are using on your system


          Here are our recommendations for this issue:


          1. Test with a different mouse in order to narrow the issue properly.


          2. Make sure you have the latest drivers or updates for this mouse.


          3. You can try testing the system out of the chassis over a non static surface to avoid any possible grounding.


          We build our products to industry standards but there is still the possibility of incompatibility and this seems to be one these cases.

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            Hi dan!


            Mouse work in a regular way for 10 seconds to three or five minutes aproximation time and and suddenly the cursor starts a choppiness decay in cursor rate hz, (checked in w7* using mouse rate checker http://tscherwitschke.de/mouseratechecker.html). Finally, the mouse arrow don´t respond but all mouse keys yes. In a random way (reboot doesn't work every time) the problem disappears, but the choppy starts as fast as can use the mouse again..


            All type of mouses have this issue.


            This error ocurrs independient o.s. type, both windows7 and last stable ubuntu linux distro. Even in windows 7 installation boot disk


            This error ocurrs in a minimal hardware configuration.


            This error started in a progresive way two months ago and increased suddenly in last week.


            I checked for you the ground plane and it´s ok. I checked too A.C. jack ground.


            because i don't have a pci usb card to continue testings, i think next week must send  mainboard to warranty

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              I had the same problem on my board DH67BL but also stopped the USB keyboard with usb mouse and the only way to reuse the PC was to reset it, this happened to me two times a day. I found out later that it was due to Firefox 13 and its many bugs with the adobe flash, even using the Internet Explorer the system continued to stop, uninstalled Firefox 13 and installed Firefox 14 beta and never had anymore problems.


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                José Maria Fernandes

                Thanks for the help!
                I uninstalled and installed Firefox 13 Firefox 14 Beta today (4 hours ago). So far the mouse and the keyboard does not have failed.
                After a few days, come back to report.

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                  The problem is in the Firefox 13 and back, try to install firefox 14 beta and you solved the problem.





                  Bug 216288 - Firefox stops responding to keyboard/mouse input   

                  Status: VERIFIED INCOMPLETE
                     Product:  Firefox
                     Component:  General
                  : unspecified
                  : -- critical with 7 votes (vote)
                  : ---
                  Assigned To: Nobody; OK to take it and work on it
                  : (many)
                  : 200041 (view as bug list)
                  : 246974 248270 250034 255525
                  Show dependency tree  / graph


                  Reported: 2003-08-15 10:07 PDT by jeff putnam
                  Modified: 2011-02-06 10:49 PST (History)
                  10 users (show)   
                  mconnor: blocking‑firefox3.5-
                  (more flags)  
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