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    DZ77GA-70K BIOS mouse issues


      I have a Razer Imperator 2012 and getting this mouse to work with the BIOS seems to be downright impossible. If it wasn't for the classic mode I probably would have gone made by now. Anybody have any similar issues with mice on this board?

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          To answer your inquiry we don't have any reports of  issues with this particular mouse(Razer Imperator 2012).


          Here are our recommendations:


          1. Make sure to have the latest drivers or updates for the device.


          2. Test with a different one in order to narrow the issue properly.

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            Hi Dan, thanks for the info, it seems a full reset of the BIOS fixed the issue and I haven't had any issues since. I guess a setting got jammed somewhere and broke the mouse capability in the BIOS.

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              You solved your problem but if anyone will have similar issue in the future this is probably the cause:


              If you turn on "Fast Boot" USB optimization the mouse will not work in bios. I noticed this today when i enabled all 3 fast boot options and then i went back into bios but mouse did not work. Then i remembered that USB optimization was on. Had to reset bios to be able to use mouse again.

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                I am having the same issue with my mouse while working in the bios it randomly moves around the screen and trying to click on anything is almost impossible. i am running a microsoft mouse and keyboard, keyboard works fine but the mouse clicks on stuff all by itself. i have not fast booted anything as well it cant be done using the mouse lol. will try a wired one when i get home

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                  Hello battlestar,


                  This is an old thread now so please open a new thread and provide full detail description so we can continue there.


                  Kevin M