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        You've updeted 0027 to 0028, or you succeeded to downgrand to 0035 rev. in described methods?

        If you did able to downgrade, I'll try it to, as using USB drive and reboot has failed.



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          BIOS 0035 explicitly stated that you could not downgrade to a lower BIOS after the flash.  Moot point now, the board should be at Intel's RMA facility in Kentucky by now.

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            I am one more of those affected by the installation of the BIOS 0035. I want to ask someone if they made an attempt to return to the 0028 BIOS installed after 0035 and it worked, because on the website of Intel says it can kill the motherboard. Is there a problem with BIOS return to 0028 after 0035? Thank you all.

            PD: Intel, please hurry up with the new BIOS, and make the new "visual BIOS" for DZ68BC!

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              I've tried to downgrad to 0028. It won't work.

              Intel doesn't say it will kill the board. They are saying "Downgrading may not work".


              Anyway, I don't beleave they will or can fix it. It's almost a month now, and they even

              not removing this hurrible BIOS, though they are blaming whom that were upgrading

              to 0035, that their page says "Don't upgrade if you don't have any prorblem with current BIOS".


              They must correct it. It should be:

              "0035 BIOS will kill your board  IF YOU DO UPGRADE".


              I did upgrade to support the new lvy i5 3570, and now my board became a brick.

              Endless boots with code error 20.


              My crime was to buy Intel new CPU. They told me on chat that they can't reflect

              this issue on their systems, and is I do install now lvy CPU I won't suffer from

              any issue with BIOS 0035. Yea. right.


              Funny guys.


              They are also won't RMA my board, because they are that I'm living at, is not the same

              as the area I've ordered the board from (USA). So I'm not suitable for any warranty.


              Deffently my first and last Intel motherboard.

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                I also intend to buy an 22nm CPU for my DZ68DB. If the sames issues would occur,then this is a risk. Intel should give us good updates, with full 22nm CPU support.

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                  Hello Intel Team,

                  I always bought Intel products for quality, security and reliability.
                  I never refused to pay a little more for quality.
                  For this reason I always have chosen the intel products.


                  In my Country I am a member in good reputation of the biggest forum about technology ( clube do hardware). I am member since 2004.


                  I know there's a lot of people who bought the Intel DZ68BC, Only in my city I know hundreds.


                  If Intel don't pay attention this motherborad and with their costumers about these issues with this mobo It will affect Intel reputation.


                  I always used Intel only for reliability, if it does not happens, I will stop using Intel.


                  Please  Intel, use a little of your TIME with this motherboard and fix all  problems with it or replace us with one or a new one without issues, we  deserve it as loyal costumers who expect quality from Intel.

                  Thank you,

                  Edde Cavalcanti
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                    This is a sad situation , Intel needs to alocate the resources and produce a working BIOS with the latest fixes and the ability to overclock the board. Intels website product description for the DZ68BC mentions overclocking as a feature yet the latest BIOS update does not allow overclocking. I'm starting to wonder if I should have went with a different motherboard. We expect more from a company like Intel , lets get going !

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                      Peapole, Intel support doesn't read here.

                      Else, they would response here. And if they are reading and not responding,

                      is says it all about how Intel is seeing this Z68 0035 BIOS saga.

                      I don't think Intel is going to take responsibilty, considering their harsh ingnoring.


                      Also, the fact that Intel is replacing the boards for some, strengthen my feeling  they are not

                      working and have no inteintantion to solve this, but to let this saga to be faded.

                      Writing here won't help.

                      You should contact their support (only by chat, what else?), and ask to talk with a senior.

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                        This is very sad if that's the case. It's not only about DZ68BC but about DZ68DB and two P67 Boards too. So this is no joke. Announcement on top of this forum states clear that they are working on it. If that Announcement is not serious then I am sorry for Intel. IF they don't provide a solution soon, at least by the end of the next week, I will look elsewere for a replacement Board. I can't imagine that a serius company like Intel won't respond to its customers and has no intention to fix the damage caused by the faulty Ivy Bridge BIOS update.

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                          If they could, understand the urgent or their responsibility,

                          there were fixing it in 3 days with a team which won't go sleep.

                          Almost a month says it all.


                          They are writing on the head of the forums here they know about it and working on it?

                          Well, that's not what their support representatives were saying to me, and I wrote

                          about it earlier this thread. There were blaming me for "un necessary" BIOS update,
                          told me that there is a warning that upgrade may hurt my motherboard
                          (Let's see them writing this message on their motherboard retail boxes...).

                          I never had even once in my life time any issue with upgrading any other brand BIOS.

                          They know that a lot of their customers can't use their bords properly, or not at all foe weeks.
                          I don't think they are going to have "new awareness", considering the option their
                          representatives don't know what they are talking about.


                          This way or another, it says how much Intel is care about their customers.

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                            I'm sorry you guys are having issues too.  It really sucks that they won't accept a return.  The replacement board is on the UPS truck and should be here in the next few hours.  I'm being lazy and I'll probably put the machine back together Sunday.  After I get it booted I'll let you guys know the revision of the board and what BIOS was shipped with the replacement.


                            Like I said before, Foxconn makes Intel's boards.  From the situation that has transpired I imagine then it's Foxconn too that codes the BIOS files.  I would like to think if Intel had direct control over the situation then they would've fixed it by now.  Still stupid on their part they have the download available though.

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                              Intel boards are designed by this Intel team which doesn't appear to have many engineers .




                              The boards are produced by Foxconn.


                              I have read the BIOS on Intel boards are a customized Phoenix  BIOS.




                              So who is actually working on this issue?

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                                The replacement just showed up.  Brand new in the box with all the accessories.  Here's what I found on the box....


                                Version #/AA #: G30742-401

                                Batch#: CNBT19M10T

                                Date of Manufacture: 22SEP2011





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                                  Wow - How did you get a new-in-box replacement?  Was it through Intel?  I got a replacement board but it was just the board in a plain cardboard box.  I got an advanced replacement though and it was here the next day.

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                                    Sent the old board out last week via USPS and this is what I got back today.  Been without my main PC for over a week now.  I'm just glad it isn't a refurbished board that was sent back.