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    Intel, where are you in the development...


      of the next version of Intel HD Graphics (1st generation)?


      Related to this topic http://communities.intel.com/thread/28028?tstart=60  and my other recommandations, I just want to know what happen to that?


      1. Fixe OpenGL 2.1 to be able to play game in OpenGL version, like Il2 1946 in perfect setting...

      2. Be able to play Il2 Cliffs of dover at 20-30 fps at medium setting (if possible)

      3. Forced antialiasing software that you can develop.

      4. Update i3 Core and Chipset.

      5. Update DirectX 9 to directX 10 (if possible)

      6. Improve OpenGL performance.



      THX to answer me.