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    High temps issue : I5-2500 installed on DH67GD in LianLi case with cover removed


      I have a I5-2500, installed on a DH67GD motherboard (BIOS 0132) with stock HSF, not overclocked, using Arctic Silver in a LianLi case, with the cover removed. 


      When I go into the BIOS and check temps, it starts at around 50C and very quickly goes up into the mid 60s, sometimes to 70.


      This doesnt sound like a good thing to me :-)


      I have installed and reinstalled the HSF/CPU multiple times, being very careful to use the right amount of AS5.  The HSF is rock solid on the board, and no obvious issue exists about the HSF not being seated well.


      I have not tried to install Win7 yet, as these (idle) temps are scary if you ask me. 


      I have several other builds with G620/G530s on them that idle around 35 or so.  I do understand that this is a more powerful CPU, and probably generates more heat, but something is wrong here...


      I have no idea what to try next, please help?


      Thank you -