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    Need some help


      So, i have a Samsung NP300E5AI recently bought, january 2012, and it was fine until few weeks ago.

      But then i started having this issues with the wireless. I'd get disconnected for 10-20 secs everynow and then. It could happen 10x in 2 mins or 1x in 24h! At firts, due its randomness, i didnt pay attention and thought it'd some problem with ISP.

      I tryed everything from scaning for virus to updating to the latest drivers avaiable. It still the same: random internet freezes.

      Along with the lateste update for my wireless driver (Intel(R) Centrino(R) Wireless-N 130 , currente version 15.10.18) there was this tool that could record the related events to my internet connection. So i found this : Failed to send OID 0xff100012 to driver. Error - 21.

      Ive looked for it in internet but i just couldnt find an answer. Hopefully you guys can help me! Thanks in advance and sorry for some bad english, its not my native language.

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          Some more info i think its important.

          The computer was working just fine, was having a joy with it, no problems at all!. After started having this internet issues i rerolled my pc to its initial state using some backup i made when i bought it, hoping the problem would be related to some programs/virus/whatever. unfortunally: It continues to happen. The computar was as it came in the 1st place but something happened that now it would have this internet issue even though i rerrolled him to it initial state(using samsung recovery tool). So i need some help.

          My computer is the only one with this proble in my wireless connetion. I have more 3 pc connected to it and this one is the only one with this problem. I even tryed other wireless networks and its the same in everyone i tryed. I have this internet freezes/disconnets or whatever it is.

          I forgot to mention i get 2 erros:

          -Failed to send OID 0xff100055 to driver. Error - 31

          -Failed to send OID 0xff100012 to driver. Error - 21

          not sure if relevant or not..

          Help please. Im really sad right now because i was having a blast with my new machine and then this problem came up!

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            Please someone enlight me! I'm about to give it away for warranty because i can't stand how it is at the moment. I could really really use some help here intel/random guys because i need the pc for my work and a time away from it would be really bad for me.

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              Hi XicoM,


              Note that the two error codes you are seen "Failed to send OID 0xff100012 to driver. Error - 21" might correspond to a problem with the hardware.


              If reinstalling the drivers from scratch to version 15.1.0 did not fix this, taking the laptop for warranty seems to be the best option. The ramdom disconnecting within short periods of time and the failure to load the driver correctly can show a hardware failure, specially if it worked before.


              You may want to get in touch with Samsung* for a repair schedule as you mentioned that the notebook still under warranty.



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                hi Stitchz@Intel and thanks for the attention.
                This is not the kind of answer that i was looking for... But yes, when i bought it, it was working just fine. Then this problems started to take place.
                So ye, i think im forced to give it back so they can fix it. Anyway, im not doing it now because at the moment i really need it for my work( i am an engennering student and i have many things to do in the computer as you can imagine).
                As result, is there anything i can do by myself to try to solve or, at least, reduce in some way the problem, some temporarly fix or something?

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                  So, i wanted to update my situation. Whats happening at the moment is: if i run a fullscreen app, ig a game, internet will freeze. (0 down/upload). Without closing the app i return to desktop, by pressing windows key or just alt+tab and as soon as i do this, my internet will resume. Then if i go back to the app wit will freeze again and it will happen in this sequence everytime i switch from desktop and an app. It started to happen today. Any explanation? please help. Thank you in advance

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                    John Cyrille Adams-Ong

                    Update your BIOS to the latest version.


                    Also, un-install the wireless LAN driver using Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel, reboot if needed. Then do a clean install (let OS ig Windows 7 do the detecting until the 'Device is Ready to Use' appears. Don't install the driver from Intel/Samsung just yet.


                    Check your internet again by using your app and see if it works.

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                      I can't update my BIOS. My BIOS is from Phoenix Technologies Ltd (model 06QA, from 03-04-2012) and i've searched all over their website and i just couldnt find any download.
                      Besides this, i've reinstaled the wireless driver and now it's ok (still getting random internet freeze but not when i open some major app)