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    Sensor problem for voltage BB +0.9V


      Hi all,


      I recently bought a server board S5000PSL with Xeon E5450 processor. When I ran the memory test in it, it sometimes hanged up. After checking the SEL LOG, I found there is something strange about voltage BB +0.9V. I have updated the latest BIOS, FRUSDR and BMC firmware but I still get the same result.


      I'm not sure if it is a problem but when the board hanged up I will get below warning from the sel log. Can anyone tell me what is this sensor detecting? CPU's voltage or something else? Here is the detail of the log about voltage BB 0.9V:


      Sensor Type, Name & Number: Voltage /BB 0.9V (#0x1B)


      Event Description: The BMC on S5000PSL has reported a warning assertion event for BB 0.9V.  The event has the following information: the BB 0.9V is in a low, but non-critical, and going lower state.  Sensor reading: 0.83  Volts.  Threshold value: 0.84  Volts.  Please check the device.