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    Clicks in the sound when moving the sliders of software tools and sound effects processor probably is not an easy task to cope with in real time


      Creepy clicks on some sound effects of software such as FL Studio if you crank the sliders on some of the effects that appear clicks, as if moving the sliders sound effects (not connected dry sound) sound paused on milliseconds, that is with pauses and plus this clicks not all the sliders and with all the instruments and effects, and the trouble that clicks are on final exported file. Buffer length in full, all functions are enabled, tried on and off did not help, tried other versions and they, too, so switched to ASIO4All it even worse, probably a problem in CPU and how to fix it?

      Please help me i am can't find problem like this or fix in the world

      PC properties: Sound Card Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Professional Series driver is reinstalled on a new OS Win7 x64, RAM 16gb and CPU 3400ghz i7 2600k