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    DZ68BC, Does Intel Desktop Utilities Conflict With HWMoniter and CPU-Z


      With the previous version of Intel Desktop Utilities (IDU) there were known issues if CPU-Z  and HWMoniter were also used to moniter the system. Last year Intel was working with third party vendors to come up with a solution . There is a new Version of IDU from March 2012 , the read me file still mentions the possible conflict. Has anyone installed the new version and also useing CPU-Z and HWMoniter while stress testing an overclock?

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          I dont recommend using IDU at all with DZ68BC at it´s current state. Thorough examination has indicated instability and unnecessary errors when IDU is installed.


          This information is even agreed by intel, this is from release notes:

          5. Known Issues
          ISSUE-1 -- An issue has been reported that indicates the Intel Desktop 
          =====      Utilities program can occasionally negatively impact video and 
                     audio streaming (possibly resulting in dropped video frames or 
                     by hearing audible sound glitches).
          STATUS - Under investigation. Work is in progress on a fix and will be 
                     included in a subsequent IDU release.
            WORKAROUND - No workaround is available since the fix for this issue was 
                     not available in time for this latest release.  If video or audio 
                     issues are seen when IDU is in use, either close the IDU program 
                     or uninstall IDU until a fix is available.

          I have experienced this personally and dont recommend IDU until fix has been released.