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      Does anyone have any idea when this Ivy Bridge board (DZ77RE-75K) will be available? Now that Cactus Ridge Thunderbolt controllers are supposedly shipping, I would hope it would be very soon. I've been holding off purchasing the DZ77GA-70K for the additional Thunderbolt connectivity, but didn't want to wait in the dark indefinitely.

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          Hi there,

          We would like to inform you we don't handle any information regarding future products or release dates for our upcoming products. Thank you for your patience.

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              The wait might be quite some time yet. Intel seems to have discovered a gremlin within the printed circuitry of the DZ77RE75K.


              As per: Product Change Notification -

              Change Notification#:  111512 - 00

              Change Title:  Intel Desktop Board DX77RE-75, Boxed and Bulk

                                     PCN 111512-00, Product Design

                                     PCB Fab Update

              Date of Publication:  May 21, 2012


              Discription of Change to the Customer:

              The printed circuit board for DZ77RE75K will be updated to improve functionality and performance by removing Pin 10 from the Front Panel USB 3.0 connector to "resolve a front panel false over current message."


              Intel will attempt to deplete pre-conversion material before shipping post-conversion material but there is a possibility of Intel shipping mixed inventory:


              Date Customer Must be Ready to REceive Post-Conversion Material - July 30, 2012


              What a bummer!


              By the sounds of it, Intel has a few faulty boards that have slipped through the gate that must be 'DEPLETED' first, before the new batch is released.


              I'm certainly not going to purchase the DZ77GA-70. A search of this site reveals a number of gremlins of its own. But I do wonder, since the two PCB's are pretty much the same, if this Product Change Notification might not affect the DZ77GA-70 also? I did see a couple of USB-3 problems posted here. Weather or not they're related to this Change Notice, I wonder.

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                That doesn't sound good does it.


                I've checked the DZ77BH-55K manual and that has pin 10 marked as "ID", which doesn't appear to actually be needed at the socket.  I would guess just cutting the wire that connects to pin 10 would achieve the same thing?


                Perhaps some cables have pin 10 connected to another pin causing a short, and other cables leave it unconnected, hence some have seen the problem, others don't.





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                  Ha ha haaaaa!


                  What if poor lighting, bad eyesight or a shaky hand causes a slip of the nippers, resulting in the wrong wire or pin to be severed?


                  Better yet, all those who receive a Pre Change AA number: G39010-302; known to be faulty, should be entitled to a board that is whole.


                  I can't believe this is happening. Especially having lived through Intel's flaky DX58SO2, that still carries the "00" boot issue.


                  I was thinking that with this new creation springing from Intel, that it would be safe to get back into the water.

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                    I quite agree we should be able to return the board for one that works.  Just given the fact that are hands are steady enough to put these things together most of us might be happier if there is an easier do it yourself solution rather than having to go to the trouble of dismantling everything and waiting for a replacement was my thoughts.


                    Some of the cables will not allow for an easy snip anyway meaning no option but to send it back.





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                      You're right! Rather than face a grueling Intel RMA, if a tech were to chime in here and provide a bona-fide mechanical solution, with a picture pin map, those stuck with the problem board could just snip the culprit #10 pin of the onboard USB-3 connector. I'd probably do it.


                      But there goes the warrenty!

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                        Prior to my above discovery, I had ordered the DZ77RE-75K from Amazon. Just received email notification that it should arrive between June 7th and 12th. Now I have a real conundrum! Because of the Product Change Notification, regarding the onboard USB-3 Pin-10 problem, should I just cacel the order, while that Option is still available to me, and wait until after July 30 for the release of the corrected PCBs, or tuff it out with another potential nightmare?


                        I do think that Amazon has a 30 day swap out policy.


                        I've also got an i7-3770K CPU on the way. Still need to find and make a decision on a fist-full of worthy RAM. I'm looking at loading it up with 32GBs of Corsairs. Either: CMT32GX3M4X1866C9 or CMP32GX3M4X1600C10.


                        Since the  DZ77RE-75K hasn’t been available for testing yet, the Corsair site lists both CMT32GX3M4X1866C9 and CMP32GX3M4X1600C10 sets as compatible with the DZ77GA-70K board instead. So I’m assuming they would work fine with the DZ77RE-75K also. Perhaps I need to pose that question on the Corsair forum.


                        But, I do think that the 1866-MHz set would probably serve this mother-board much better in that they would provide that little extra breathing room that the K-boards were designed for, which  with the appropriate CPU can handle 2400-MHz.


                        I’m not looking to park a dry-ice truck outside, next to my window, to cool squirming, overheated chips. Just want stable, reliable high performance rig.

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                          It's a tough one isn't it, also you don't know how long it might take before the fixed boards are at the retailer, there are no guarantees you would get the fixed board.


                          It might be we can do a simple fix, the notice is quite specific that only the pin is being removed, in other words to avoid making any connection to pin 10.  USB 3 (unless micro-USB) only needs 9 pins for each socket, there are 20 on the header, one is missing anyway to act as a key, which leaves 19, remove pin 10 leaves 18, so it all works out.


                          Hope you get some good info on the memory.





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                            I might be a real glutton for punishment here Phil. I guess I'll stick with it. Maybe an Intel tech can chime in here and qualify Andrea's solution for the front-panel USB3 flaw.


                            As for help in selecting RAM for the DZ77RE-75K you might want to read this:

                            Intel Ivy Bridge and Corsair Memory Compatibility

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                              Phil, regarding Pin # 10, I take it this the same thing that you found?

                              front-panel USB3 map.png

                              It appears the front-panel USB3 gremlin exists elsewhere also, because this person took the matter into their own hands and snipped out the #10 pin on a DZ77BH-55K and fixed the problem.


                              See discussion and solution posted on Intel Site here by:  ANDREA MENICHETTI


                              Andrea concludes:

                              I adopted a kind of drastic solution, but it worked. I simply cut out the pin 10 from the USB 3.0 front header on my DZ77BH-55K mother board. Now the two USB 3.0 ports on the front panel of the case work fine! I don't get any more power surge errors, the devices are detected and data transfer through them works too.


                              Pin #10 assignment for DZ77RE-75K mother board according to its Tecnical Product Specifications sheet:


                              Pin: 10           Signal Name:  ID               Description:  Over Current Protection


                              Other than the DZ77RE-75K and what appears now to include the DZ77BH-55, I wonder how many other DZ77 motherboards are infected with this same USB3 engineering flaw?

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                                amunaor wrote:


                                Phil, regarding Pin # 10, I take it this the same thing that you found?


                                I've been rather silly and assumed my front USB 3 was working fine and not affected by this, however what I forget is that case has a cable that goes out the back and into one of the rear USB 3 sockets to drive the front USB 3, so not running off the motherboard header, so of course it is working fine.


                                I've ordered an adapter to allow me to use the header on the motherboard for USB 3 so will find out when it arrives.


                                I'll post back my findings.