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    S3420GP - Which RAID drivers for W2008 R2?




      I have been away from Intel servers for awhile. Decided I was tired of HP and Dell and I'd go direct again. I have this nice S3420GP server with a SSD and 2 x 2 TB drives. I get through the Server Deployment disk - and that's where I am stuck.


      I am trying to install the OS on the SSD. I had a USB key in during the Server Deployment process and it added drivers to the USB key. I get to the point where I have to add a driver and it stops there. I've browsed to the USB Key and tested each of the drivers, I've put the server deployment disk and drfilled down to the drivers - and nothing seems to work.


      What am I missing?




      S3420GP Windows 2008 Server R2 Drivers