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    DH67GD latest Bios only 2 of the 4 DIMM Slots working




      I got my new hardware yesterday and I'm heaving some problems with my dh67gd motherboard. I got 4 4gb G.Skill Ripjaw ram bars. But the system won't do anything if there are ram bars in the DIMM Slots 2 and/or 4. I tried every bar in Port 1 or 3 and also all bars in port 1 and 3 so the ram works. Everything works fine while there are only 2 bars on slot 1 and 3, but if there are bars in 2 and/or 4 (even if there are no bars in slot 1 and 3) the system won't do anything. The cpu fan is starting and also the hdd seems to do something, but the screen stays blank (saying no input signal). To make sure it's not an issue with my graphics card plugged of the card and plugged the screen into the onboard dvi port. I installed the latest bios but that didn't help either.


      i also read that it could help to reduce the memory speed to 1066MHz but that didn't do anything.


      Any ideas on what to do?


      my speccs:

      intel i5-2500k

      dh67gd with latest bios

      HIS ATI Radeon HD6970

      G.Skill 16gb Ripjaws PC3 1333 Mhz