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    DP67BGB3 Bios Hangs at EB during power on


      I am in the process of building a new system that includes a DP67BG, a i5-2500k, and a Sapphire HD 5770 video card.  When I start up for the first time, start up hangs at EB on the post display with the CPU, Video, and memory leds lit.  If I hit the reset button either on the case or on the board it starts the post process again and powers up just fine and normally.  Once in windows if I restart it, it restarts just fine and goes back to windows.  If I shut down and the turn it on with the power button, it hangs at EB.  I installed windows with bios 1900 and had the problem and I updated to 2111 and I still have the problem.  Other incidentals are windows 7 64 bit, 2 4GB sticks of GSkill memory, and a 120GB 520 SSD for OS. Haven't done any overclocking.

      Thanks in advance for the help.

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          Hello desertracer,


          I understand that your system freezes during POST during a cold boot and the post code that you get is EB.


          Usually the problem that you are experiencing is related to a device connected to the motherboard that is not recognized correctly. IT could be a hard drive, RAM memory, the video card or any PCI card.


          I recommend you to set a hard drive delay in BIOS under the configuration tab and try again.

          If the problem continues, try removing al the non essential components to see if the problem continues.





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            My experience is, that this is a general Intel BIOS issue and my 'feeling' is that it is related to USB enumeration during POST. Of course no one is likely to admit it, as I found with a ticket I opened with local Intel support.

            See here:



            It helps to enable as mush 'fast boot optimizations' as you can and disable all but the HDD for boot, but that has other side effects is also not always a choice.

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              Thanks for the help.  I did start turning off USB ports and firewire that I wasn't using and that seems to help.  I did try the fast boot options but like you said it introduces its own problems.  I have ordered a HD 6850 in hopes that a newer video card may help things a little.

              I do appreciate the help from intel (Victor), but I am curious why they (Intel) advertise the speed of the new 520 series SSD and then would recommend introducing a hard drive delay.

              I thought about updating to the latest BIOS but that will keep me from going backwords after that point and I am curious if the 22nm support will have its own headaches.