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    Screen Rotation Settings are not remembered in HD Graphics Driver


      I am using an HP 2740P notebook which has a screen that rotates around and down on top of the keyboard ("notebook" mode).


      When I do this, the Intel HD Graphics driver ( rotates the screen to 270 degrees, as in "Portrait mode" to mimic an 8x11 piece of paper.  When the screen is in normal position above the keyboard, it is in "Rotate to Normal" mode (like a typical Landscape mode for a laptop).


      I would like the Landscape mode to persist when in "notebook" mode, i.e., to stay in "Rotate to Normal".


      Here is the problem:

      1.  I rotate the screen to "notebook" mode, and change the setting to "Rotate to Normal" and Apply.  Screen is in "Landscape" mode as I want it.

      2.  I click "Apply" at the bottom, and a window pops up saying:

            "The new settings have been applied.  Do you want to keep these settings?"

           I click [Ok] in this window , and then [Ok] again in the Graphics/Media Control Panel.

      3.  When I rotate the screen back up to laptop mode (landscape - screen above keyboard), and then back to "notebook" mode (on top of keyboard),

           the screen reverts back to "Portrait" mode (270 degrees).

           In other words, the settings I set for "notebook" mode do not persist.


      Is there a way to fix this obvious bug?  I do not want to save this as a different "Display Profile", since it is far too inconvenient to open the Graphics/Media control panel and load up the custom profile every time I go to "notebook" mode.


      Thank you for any help on this, I need this implemented in order for my college class to run smoothly.

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          I recommend getting in contact with HP so; they can check if either it is possible to disable that screen rotation feature or to keep that feature in a single setting.



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            Disabling the screen rotation is not the issue.  I may want to rotate it another time.


            The issue, as I mentioned above, is that the settings are not being saved.


            It is not HP's problem that the settings are not saving in Intel's HD Graphics Driver.  It is Intel's problem.


            So somebody at Intel should have the answer for this.

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              Our driver does not save rotation settings in profiles.  The screen rotates automatically because the system itself detects a hardware change so; our driver will automatically adjust the image you put the screen in "Landscape".



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                Your claim that the driver does not save the settings is not true.


                I created a profile with "Rotate to Normal" and clicked "Save".


                For the first screenshot, the Current Settings under Display Profiles is selected, and the Rotation is  270 Degrees.

                Intel HD Graphics Driver BUG screenshot 1.jpg


                When I select my saved profile, the Rotation changes to "Rotate to Normal".

                Intel HD Graphics Driver BUG screenshot 2.jpg


                This proves that your driver DOES SAVE rotation settings.  However, they are overridden when I physically rotate my screen. 


                If I

                    1.  select "Rotate to Normal" for Current Settings, and then "Apply" the settings,

                    2.  a window pops up saying "The new settings have been applies.  Do you want to keep these settings?"

                    3.  I select "OK"

                    4.  If I physically rotate my screen, reboot the computer, etc., these settings do not persist.  At times,

                        even in the normal laptop "Landscape" mode, the screen will rotate to "Portrait" mode (i.e., "notebook" mode).

                        Then I have to restart the Intel Graphics Control Panel and change everything back.  VERY INCONVENIENT.


                Your bug is that the saved settings are being overridden when the screen rotates, for some bizarre reason.

                My question is very simple:


                How do you override this so that the screen will stay in “Rotate to Normal” mode after I physically rotate my screen?


                If I disable your driver, Windows 7 handles it correctly and does not rotate the screen.  However, I cannot make my HP 2740P sleep or hibernate and the graphics are very choppy.  So the best fix is for me to find someone at Intel who knows what they are talking about when it comes to this driver, with:


                  a)  a fix for this problem, or

                  b)  an acknowlegement that this is a bug.


                Either would be considered a knowledgeable response.