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    Old Product new use


      I have two Gateway 2000 G6's one is an Intel P2-300 [not working] and a P2-333 and I have numerous P3's running different clocks from 735 to 600MHz.

      These two system boards are both running on MBs of Intels specifically the Atlanta AL440LX with an id of 4A4LL0X0.15A.0014.P11.9801091337.


      As I looking to upgrade the CPUs on these two systems for a chartible organization to run Win95/98 type children's programs, apparently I am doing something wrong. The P2-333 works in both units (I mentioned above the 300 died), is it possible to even do this or do I have to revert to another P2-333?  

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          Hello, please bear in mind that this product has reached its End of Interactive Support so Intel no longer provides interactive support for this product via telephone, chat or e-mail. Also, since these units are not longer manufactured, the compatibility information and other details are not available.


          As a recommendation, if the motherboards are exactly the same unit or model, and the Intel® Pentium II 333 was working fine; you should not have any inconvenience using a similar Processor nor an Intel® Pentium II 300.