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    DH67CL Dual channel problem.Please help




      I recently purchased Intel DH67CL for my core i5 2500K.


      My problem is that my Motherboard will only boot if I use channel A(slot 1 and slot 3) for my Corsair 4GB RAM sticks.

      If I put them in like the instructions say :One each in blue slots, the monitor would not display anything but the lights are on and fan keeps spinning.


      I have also tried putting 4GB sticks in all four slots which should ideally work but it wont boot up. (RAM sticks are similar 1333MHz).


      I have tried various combinations and come to conclusion that if I put anything in channel B , it wouldnt simply boot up.


      My BIOS version is blh6710h.86A.0146.2011.1222.1415.


      I am running windows 7 x64 ultimate.


      All the solutions are welcome.


      1.will the bios update fix the issue.

      2.should I get it replaced (I purchased it yesterday).