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    0035 BIOS has damaged my DZ68BC motherboard


      After 0035 BIOS update, my motherboard does not boot any more.


      The is just # 20 at the status code on board, and the 6th green (named F),

      is just bliking fast.


      My screen stays in sleep mode. No any BIOS response.


      The only thing that were fixing that for a while, was to take out the CMOS

      battery, take out the BIOS jumper, take out the RAN memories from motherboard

      for 40 min. to 1 hour (not less), then recover 0035 ver. using a USB thomb drive.


      A day after, when entering BIOS to change my fan speeds that were reset in this event,

      it's all happened all over again!!!


      I'm going creazy! This is my business work!


      I never head one issue with any of my past motherbords BIOS update for 20 years!


      Intel, what have you done here?


      Do I need to through away this board?