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    What Intel(R) Services (on Win 7U PC) do I actually need (some produce high DPC latency)?


      MOBO: DZ68BC

      CPU: i5 2500K

      Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 on RAID 1

      8 GB DDR3


      Do I need these Services?


      Intel(R) Content Protection HECI Service (Component Services)

      -enables communication with the Content Protection FW


      Intel(R) Identity Protection Technology Host Interface Service (Component Services)

      -allows applications to access the local Intel Identity Protection Technology


      Intel(R) Management and Security User Notification Service (Component Services)

      -updates the Windows Event Log with notifications of pre defined events received from the local Intel(R) Management and Security Application Device


      Intel(R) Integrated Clock Controller Service - Intel(R) ICCS (Component Services)

      -no description in Component Services


      Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology

      -interface to storage controller option setting, etc.


      Intel(R) Destop Boards FSC Application Service


      Intel(R) PROSet Monitoring Service


      Intel(R) Management and Security Application Local Management Service


      Intel(R) Extreme Tuning Utility Service


      Intel(R) Desktop Utilities Service


      I've turned all them off via msconfig due to associated high DPC latency which one or more of these things is causing (resulting in audio glitches and dropouts).


      I don't know about dependencies between these services or what can be uninstalled/removed/permanently disabled.


      Also, I haven't found clear descriptions as to the definition of all of these services. Some seem obvious while others do not. Windows 7 Ultimate seems to run fine without them and with significantly reduced DPC latency spikes.

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          Wow. It seems no one can clarify the function and interrelation of these services or their effect on DPC latency.


          I still have no idea what particular DZ68BC features I have disabled. Or are they still functional but not accessible from the OS?



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            With respect to the latency spikes I was experiencing, it seems to be caused by an interaction between the Intel Desktop Utilities (IDU) program and the Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology (RST) Driver (RAID driver). Uninstalling IDU seems to prevent the problem and reduce latency to an acceptable minimum.



            From http://downloadmirror.intel.com/20488/eng/IDU_3.2.4.055b_readme.txt:



            5. Known Issues



            ISSUE-1 -- An issue has been reported that indicates the Intel Desktop Utilities (IDU) program can occasionally negatively impact audio/video streaming.  In this case, users may see dropped video frames and/or glitches in audio playback.  These issues only occur when Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology (RST) is also being used to manage RAID arrays and/or array/drive caching.


            STATUS - Under investigation. Work is in progress on a fix and will be included in a subsequent release of Intel(R) RST.


            WORKAROUND - No workaround is currently available. Until such time as a release of Intel(R) RST becomes available that addresses this issue, users may choose to uninstall IDU.  This will not necessarily prevent audio/video stuttering from occurring, however, it may only lower the occurrence rate.