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    Intel 2200bg wireless card in Dell D610 will never connect to Meru AP1000


      Just about all other network cards connect successfully to Meru Network Access Point AP1000 which I believe is based on the Atheros chipset - but the Intel 2200bg will NEVER connect (we have them in our older Dell D610's).


      However this network card will successfully connect to their Meru AP 300 series Access Points based on the Broadcomm chipset.


      I have a support ticket open with meru (support ticket number #4062-8356007) and so far they have not come up with a solution. One Meru engineer asked me to contact Intel for a possible answer on this anomoly.


      The operating system on the Dell D610's is Windows XP.


      I have already tried downloading and installing the latest 2200bg driver and that does not help.


      Hopefully Intel or forum members will be able to help! THANK YOU!