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    Linux Thunderbolt Support




      I've seen some articles about the Intel doing/prototyping thunderbolt drivers for Linux. So far I haven't seen any release neither are there any bits in the current Linux kernel tree.




      - Is Intel actually developing a thunderbolt driver for Linux? If so, what's the status of it.


      If not, where would I find information about the thunderbolt chips that allow me to hack on a driver?





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          Well, I tried this, but without success.


          The answer you get is this one:



          Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2012 9:28:59 -0700
          From: admin.thunderbolttechnology@....
          To: nico-thunderbolttechnology.net@....
          Subject: Thunderbolt Technology Request
          Thank you for your interest in developing products using Thunderbolt™
          technology.  There has been an overwhelming response from the industry regarding
          interest in developing new products and  Intel is taking steps to broaden
          support for the developer community in mid-2012.  Please check back for more
          updates about developing and certifying your Thunderbolt products through the
          Thunderbolt technology community at www.thunderbolttechnology.net over the
          coming months.
          We look forward to serving your needs in the future.
          The Thunderbolt technology Team



          So it seems Intel is in fact not giving out details about Thunderbolt for individual developers currently.