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    Smart response -> configuration cannot be applied, HD cannot be configured, SSD ok



      I have a HD just for data (no boot drive), which I would like to accellerate. SSD Cache should be on my second SSD, which also contains some application programs, so split into 18.6GB Cache and app. 100 GB regular volume.


      System is configured as RAID.


      The Intel RST allows me to select the accelleration feature and proposes the configuration I would like to use.

      It sets up the SSD correctly into cache and volume.


      It show the HD to be cached, but it cannot be configured to be cachec.

      (It basically shows up in the configuration dialogue as selected, but if the "ok" button is pressed, the configuration is not applied. Even after reboot it is not possible to apply the HD configuration. No error message occurs).

      RAID Bios shows me the HD as not cached and the SSD as cache device.

      Intel RST shows the same.



      System Setup

      Board: DZ68BC

      SSD 1: 120GB SSD (system boot)

      SSD 2: 120GB SSD, application programs, (for 18.6 GB SSD cache)

      HD1: 640 GB HD, to be cached.

      OS: MS Win7 x64 Pro.

      Intel RST driver: current version.


      How do I proceed?