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    H2000JF 2U 4-node server - Not booting


      I just got a new H2000JF (H2312JFJR) 2U 4-node server.  I loaded one of the trays with memory and e5-2600 chips and it isn't booting.  It starts to power up and then shuts down, a few seconds later it tries to boot again.  Does this over and over.  Nothing ever shows up on the display.  None of the leds on the back of the tray seem to light up so there is no diagnosic.  Tried moving everything to a second tray just incase there was a bad tray and no luck with that either.


      I tried the memory and chips in a SuperMicro server and it boots fine so I don't think there is a problem there.


      Any ideas?  Thanks.  -- Bud