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    DX79SI Not powering up, no POST codes


      Building a new system, having some problems with it.


      Bought a BX79SI, but it refuses to POST properly. With no memory in, it will boot and give the proper 3 beeps, return error code 60, and pretty much run as I'd expect it to. No power failures, it stays on and runs fine. The second a single stick of RAM is put in (and I'm using the recommended 1600MHz, 1.5V memory, 4 GB stick as a tester) it powers on, fans run, everything looks fine, POST code on the board shows 00, and then after about 5 seconds, it just shuts off.


      Everything in there is new, and I've taken it out, reseated it, and done everything I can think of to troubleshoot this on my own. I'm being asked to send it in to have the BIOS updated, but at this point, I'm doubting that's going to be the magic pill, and it seems like a waste of a week of my time.


      FYI, running a BX80619i73820 processor in there, if it's any help. If anyone can help, I'm reasonably competent, very friendly, and will give you any info you need to know to help me out as quickly as I can. I also promise I won't get mad if your solution doesn't work, because my solution of sobbing uncontrollably didn't exactly help, either, so who am I to judge?