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    Intel 520 60GB Slow Write Speed issue




      I bought an Intel 520 60GB SSD yesterday. I have a Maximus IV Gene-Z board. Plugged SSD to my sata3 connection. I am using Sata mode in RAID.I had checked with different benchmark tools. AS SSD Seq Read Speed 450MB/s which is normal i guess but my Seq Write Speed is 90MB/s which is much lower. Also i had tried to connect to Sata2 connection and Seq Read Speed down to 260MB/s but Seq Write Speed still 90MB/s.


      Intel Toolbox installed and all seems normal. Firmware is 400i. There is nothing on the SSD, my system is on 2xSata2 Caviar black @ RAID 0 128K Stripe mode. Is this problem related with the Sata RAID mode? Cause i did not check with AHCI mode. Or the SSD is not working correctly?


      Anyone have a opinion about this issue?