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    Intel i7 2700k overheat & warranty concern


      I have just set up my new i7 2700k processor and it was working fine until I ran a game (Skyrim, WO, StarCraft II). The Intel Hardware Monitor pop up went crazy, because the processor raised from 30 - 40C to more than 80C in a blink, a critical temperature. Does this mean that I would have to get a cooler for this new processor? Are there any know heat problems regarding the i7 Core family? Is this a known risk that should be included into the processor specs and documentation? I was lucky to have the Hardware Monitor Installed otherwise who knows, probably my whole chipset would burn down in pieces, If that's the case does the warranty covers it?....

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          Not enough information about your PC hardware to determine anything. What mother board, graphics card, PC case, and CPU cooler are you using? Have you configured your CPU fan speed control in the BIOS/UEFI? What kind of ventilation does your PC case have, number and size of fans? Is your CPU over clocked?


          Your CPU will shut itself off before it is damaged from over-heating. It has built in safety features to protect it from thermal damage.


          I imagine you are using a separate graphics card. During gaming, the graphics card does the majority of the work of creating the images on your monitor, the load on the CPU is relatively low. If a CPU is hot in that situation, it usually means the PC case has poor ventilation, and the heat from the graphics card has heated the air within the case so much, that the CPU cooler is using very warm air to try to cool it, which does not work well.


          I would also suggest checking the CPU cooler mounting, as that is critical for cooling the CPU properly. The stock Intel cooler is not the greatest, and if the PC case is not ventilated well, will not be able to keep up.


          Sandy Bridge CPUs are not at all known for having over-heating problems, but they must have a good CPU cooler that is correctly mounted in a case with adequate ventilation.

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            Hi there:

            Sorry for not adding more information to my concern. My current PC does not uses any special cooler, It has the standard Intel Cooler that comes with the processor, and 1 small fan in the back of the case (the case does supports intel i7 motherboard and is quite big) also I have set up a Sapphire Radeon HD 6770 1GB GDDR5 and a power source Corsair 650W, 1x 250GB sata Seagate HD and 16GB RAM Mushkin 8x2.

            I noticed when I first opened the processor that the cooler came with two thin lines of thermal grease in it, which I thought was weird such a mighty processor in the first place, you know...

            I don't know if adding more thermal grease would do any good? My processor is not in overclock actually the problem really started when I upgraded the OS from W7 x86 to W7 x64 and the Total amount of RAM was put into production.

            Is kind of frustrating but yes I think that $100 of investment in a probably Corsair H100 procesor cooler is the best option at this moment.

            I still think that some sort of warning should be included in the set up instructions, because I knowa few things about hardware, but someone with no experience and completely unaware of the "heat monitor software" is probably going to be very ****** off when his computer will, for no apparent reason, start rebooting itself after a while.

            *Thanx for the help 'though, any other comments will be greatly appreciated