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    how to  restore the ATM8  local MEBX password to  the default “admin”

      I have changed my AMT 8 device (intel  software development platform  DHMB9 family)local MEBX password to “intelAMT@1”,But now  My test case  require me use default password “admin” to test, I have tried to login  MEBX to do full Unprovision, after Full Unprovision, the  password still  was “intelAMT@1’, I also tried to manually change the local MEBX  password to “admin”, but the operation was rejected, Did you know how to   restore the local MEBX password to  the default “admin” ,if  you know,  please tell me. Thanks.


      I also want to get some doc about the AMT 8 new features? if you have, Could you please tell  me the URL ?