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    DZ77BH-55K issues


      I got my hands on a DZ77BH-55K yesterday and replaced my DZ68DB (which will be going into a different machine now). I upgraded to the latest bios without any issue. After removing all the drivers for the DZ68DB board in Win7, I installed the drivers for the DZ77BH-55K and Win7 is running beautifully.


      However, I've encountered a couple of issues in linux. I have three distros installed - Arch, Fedora and Xubuntu. In all distros, the screen resolution is horribly low at the login screen. Once I've logged in, the resolution increases (I'm connected to my 24" Dell via the display port). How can I get the resolution to increase at the login screen? I was using the display port on the DZ68DB without this issue.


      The second issue is in Arch and Xubuntu (but not Fedora, strangely). The mouse is incredibly laggy and jumpy. The mouse is connected at the rear of the PC to one of the USB2 ports (as is the keyboard).


      It may be necessary for me to reinstall Arch and Xubuntu, but given that I didn't have this issue when I switched to the DZ68DB initially (and given the issue isn't present in Fedora), I'm not convinced.


      Any ideas?


      One other question. The visual bios of the DZ77BH-55K is nothing like that of DZ77GA-70K displayed http://www.firingsquad.com/hardware/Intel_Z77_Chipset_DZ77GA-70K_Motherboard_Overview/page2.asp. Why is that?


      EDIT: Yet another question. Desktop Utilities hangs when launched. I've uninstalled it and reinstalled, but the issue persists. Has anyone else got it to work with this board?

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          An update re. the USB issue. Switching the mouse from the black USB2 ports to the blue USB3 ports resolved the issue. I also noticed the keyboard was lagging with the USB2 ports, and switching to the USB3 port resolved this too. Ironic, given the notice included in the motherboard box that recommends using the USB2 ports for keyboard and mouse. I tested the USB2 ports with the Xubuntu live CD and the issue persisted, so it appears to be a hardware issue specific to this board and some linux distros.


          The display port issue remains, and it's annoying having the boot splash screen only filling half the screen in Xubuntu, and the resolution far too low for the login screen in Xubuntu and Arch. The login box is massive. There's also a pause after logging in as the resolution is adjusted. I never had this issue with the DZ68DB, so I'm feeling a little ripped off after the upgrade.

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            Can an Intel rep please post to advise whether these issues are known and will be addressed? Please test USB2 performance and the display port in linux. I'm guessing that a bios update would be required to resolve these issues. Being patient for a fix is easier if the problem is acknowledged. Thanks.

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              Just for anyone reading this thread due to their interest in the board, I installed a bios update that was just made available on the website. This is the second time I've updated the bios. To my delight, I now have the same visual bios included on the DZ77GA-70K. It's a beautiful interface. It didn't resolve my display issue though.

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                I'd like to hear your comments on these questions about your motherboard:




                If you have the time, could you please answer the questions. I'm strongly considering this mobo as it has:


                The "better" Realtek audio chip (ALC898 as opposed to ALC892)

                Intel LAN chip


                If it also has good fan control options, I'll buy it. But please answer when you have time to the thread above.

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                  I spoke to Intel support via live chat and they simply advised that I should contact my linux distributor as Windows operates normally. Unless the issue occurs in all Z77 boards under linux, then it's specific to this board. Thanks for the lack of support, Intel. I should've gone with the GA-Z77X-UD3H.

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                    I guess you are using the HD4000 IGP? AFAIK it uses an open source driver in Linux so you have good reasons to believe all the problems will be fixed as Ivy Bridge launch has just happened.


                    First check which Intel driver your distro is using. Then you might contact the distro devs or directly Intel devs here:




                    You could also report the bug once you know the driver your distro is using. First check if the bug has already been reported. Read the guide to know how to actually make a good report - (what category to choose, what system info to report etc.)




                    I hope they'll nail this bug! Also check these:



                    And the comments:


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                      Regarding your issue with Intel® Desktop Utilities, it's likely the version that you are using. You need to have the latest version ( for the 7 Series motherboards. If your problem continues, send me a private message and we can look into details about what is (or isn't) happening...

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                        That's the version I tried. Thanks for the offer, but I only used it to monitor temperatures, and I can check them in the bios occasionally, so it's only mildly annoying.

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                          Thanks for the info, Paapaa.


                          I ended up switching the DZ77BH-55K for a GA-Z77X-UD3H and my USB and display port issues in linux immediately disappeared. So the issues are most certainly specific to the board.

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                            After using the irqpoll option for the kernel to get the PC to a usable state, I looked through logs and checked the interrupt requests. It turns out that this issue is caused by the firewire port. If you disable the firewire port in the BIOS, this board will run like a champ. It's not a solution, but I'll take a work-around for now. Hope this helps anyone else with this issue.