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    Intel DH67CF-B3 compatible problems with  i3-2120T?




      Just bought the Intel DH67CF-B3 board with board revision G10215-207 and i3-2120T cpu  to build a new htpc but i can't boot the system up. Its just a black screen like it doesnt get a signal , but the board powers up and the green light lit and cpu fan starts. The cpu is getting warm to. If you check compatible processors for this board on intels site it said that all board revisions are supported but the min bios version is 0067. Could that be a problem cause i dont know whats version my board have.

      I have reset the cmos and unplugged the battery but no success. The power source is ok, the only thing that may be the problem is the system memory "Corsair XMS3 DDR3 PC10666/1333MHz CL9 2x4GB (CMX8GX3M2A1333C9)". The memory just works fine in my other computer.

      Does anyone have any ideas on what is wrong? Or I may just have a defective motherboard or cpu?


      Greetings Anders

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          The BIOS revision for your motherboard is 0135 from factory so it should not be a compatibility issue with the processor microcode.


          Here are our recommendations for this issue:


          - Test system on non static surface on a minimal configuration. Test the system without any memory installed looking for beep codes.


          - Swap components if possible (processor, power supply). Make sure your power supply has at least 450-500 watts.


          The complete guide for "No Boot" issues can be found at the following website:



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            Imagine Mei

            Sorry this is a little late:


            I think you may have a driver problem from a pragmatic perspective.  I have the DQ67EP and have had the same symptoms.  For me, the HD Graphics driver found on the disk that came with the board, Windows Update (will try to install), and on the Intel download page does not work and you end up with a black screen at some point in the boot process, where depending on which OS.  Windows setup installs a generic driver which i have at max resolution.  If i install the HD graphics driver, I still end up having to go into safe mode and use recovery to roll back due to no graphics signal.  Have seen other posts that are similar in symptoms but no real fixes.

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              I have a similar issue with such same configuration:

              • Motherboard : Intel Desktop Board DH67CF Media Series
              • Ram : Corsair - CMX8GX3M2A1333C9 - DDR3 1333 - 8 GB COR CL9 XMS Kit2 (2x4GB)
              • Power supply : Mini-box picoPSU-160-XT + 192W Adapter

              When the PC boots the green motherboard light lit, then a little buzzer sound occur regulary after few seconds, without showing the BIOS boot screen.

              If I plug a disk, the disk is spinning a little, then stopping, and this after few seconds.


              Sometimes (after multiple manual stop/start) the computer can boot normaly, but at next reboot the problem will arise.


              Did somebody solved this type of issue?


              N.B. : All my hardware are new

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                Imagine Mei



                Basically your system seems as if it is failing to post while in the bios rather than having a driver issue.  The buzzing sound is a post code that you can interpret that would help you trouble shoot by its pattern.  First however, it would be my best guess that you have a memory stick that is not fully seated.  The manual tells you to install the motherboard into the chassis and then install processor, heat sink, memory etc,,,.  I find that it is rather difficult to seat the memory with the board installed in a chassis--particularly the small itx type cases.  I had the experience myself and found that you can get the tabs to lift up and seem to latch without the memory stick being fully aligned.  You just can't get your fingers in there very well to feel what is happening.  So what i would do is to remove the motherboard from the case and then remove and reinstall the memory supporting the board in my hand as i have better feel.  Just make sure you have it lined up correctly looking at the orientation of the irregular slot in the pins.  Other than that, common problems are the motherboard shorting to the case generally because there isn't enough clearance underneath or a loose object and a bent processor pin (if you were careless installing or oriented the processor wrongly). 


                The manual should help you in interpreting the audible post code.  Better would be to install a post card (cost about $20 in the slot and it will read out a 2 digit code.  Bought mine on E-Bay from someone in Hong Kong.  They aren't as commonly sold these days as most standard size boards have this built into them now,  These smaller boards--well they left nonessential stuff off of them to make them small.)  I have a little cheap test bench to do this on--cost just a little (Highpoint makes them i think is the name) or you can do this carefully with the cover off of the case if necessary in order to read the code displayed when you try to boot--be careful..  You have to go to the manual for your motherboard to interpret the code as the meanings vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.  If the manual is no help--sometimes they are not listed in manuals--you have to contact support and tell them what the code is and they can look it up for you (which is why the digital readout is better than the audible one sometimes and generally the digital codes are much more specific).


                Having checked these obvious things to no avail, i would next download the latest version of Memtest86 and run that.  Oftentimes there can be memory defects that the installed (in bios) check won't pick up.  (You burn an image-- bootable cd with Memtest 86 and go into you boot menu as the computer boots and select boot from cd and it should run the diagnostics for you--takes a long time but is a very thorough test. 


                If you can get into the bios you can check out your PC's Health Status--might help.


                If your processor is okay as far as you can tell, your memory is proven okay by memtest (it will fail the test of course if the memory isn't seated properly, then you are ready to contact the MB manufacturer.  You're lucky in that the manufacturer of your MB and your processor are the same. Sometimes it happens.  You could consider yourself lucky--if all goes well the fun is over in a few moments and you don't learn nothin'.  So cheers and don't get too frustrated.  Don't forget to ground yourself (ESD) while you are handling your components.

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                  Thanks Imagine Mei for your prompt response and directions to solve my issue.


                  More about my configuration:

                  • Processor : Core I3 2120
                  • Hard Disk : SATA 3.5" Drive
                  • mini-ITX Box : Streacom FC8


                  Some precisions:

                  • The buzzer sound doesn't correspond to beeps (like when no memory stick is plugged), it's a really tiny sound (about few milliseconds) that you can hear if you are very close to the motherboard.
                  • The BIOS startup screen is never displayed
                  • The keyboard lights are never been lighting
                  • The optical mouse light isn't powered
                  • The screen is not receiving any signal (I am using the DVI port)


                  Hereafter what I have done to try solving my issue without success:

                  • Unplugged the HDD, mouse, keybaord and internal usb connections ... same result
                  • Tested the power supply voltages outputs (the AC/DC and the PicoPSU 24 Pin/4 Pin), all are OK
                  • Removed one by one the DDR3 memory stick, swapped them, and replaced them by a memory stick who is well working on another mini-ITX PC ... same result
                  • Changed the BIOS jumpers in "Configure" and in "Recovery" mode (nothing is displayed, the keyboard stay off) ... same result
                  • Removed the CMOS battery, unplugged the power and all devices for one night ... same result


                  Latest tests:
                  I unmounted and remounted the CPU, then powered on the PC without putting the heat sink.
                  After few seconds an alarm beeps occured (like fire brigade), and the PC is automatically shutdowned.
                  I remounted the heat think and powered on the PC.
                  Now, the HDD is staying on (the spinning is regular), the repeatedly little buzzer sound has disappeared, but the screen/keybaord and mouse stay not responding


                  Next test:
                  I think the issue is coming from the processor connection.
                  I will re-unmount the CPU, observe if something is not clean on the CPUs pins ...

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                    My issue is solved.


                    The problems was coming from a defective processor.


                    I replace it, and everything is working well know.