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    D2700DC and mini-PCIe


      just got a D2700DC, nice little board i must say


      however, i'm having problems with the mini-PCIe. In short, i have got the OCZ Nocti 60G msata SSD, and want to use it as the harddrive for the system. However, the board doesnt seem to see it: not the SSD, but the port itself! in the BIOS under "PCI/PCIEe configuration" it only lists the PCI slot (and it's empty) - no mention of PCIe within that menu item, and the graphic to the right of the screen doesnt show anything about PCIe.


      I have tried numerous CMOS resets (taking the battery out to do it), and have flashed the BIOS from rev 67 to 69 - the latest, but no joy. just doesnt seem to see it.


      what am i doing wrong? both parts are new, so i dont suspect any form of hardware failure, but i believe ive done all i can from a software/firmware perspective.


      help! any/all ideas welcomed!