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    Aggregated Ports for Intel Express 510T


      Anyone with suggestions about setting up aggregated ports?  Im using PORT1 and PORT2.  I have the user guide to add these ports, that was the easy part.  What I finding is that the ports are not sending and receiving data at the same time. Port one will send and port 2 will receive.  Im on firmware 2.76.  If you have a workaround on setting up aggragation to force bonding please reply.



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          There are several different types of bonding, some of them proprietary.  Does the manual say if the 510 is using 802.3ad?  If you're only sending and recieving to one MAC address, the hash will often only use one of the ports.

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            Thanks Dan for replying.

            Unfortunately, the book does not tell me the protocol for link aggregation.  However, the book was written October 1998, if that is any indication of what version of 802.3 that it supported.  Not even Intel Device View help file tells me any detail about how aggregation is used.

            Its to bad that Intel doesnt have any archive of its legacy equipment on file for read only access.

            Thanks again for your reply.