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    why is there no video displayed from my webcam?


      Respected sir/madam,


      I have a problem with my desktop, I tried fixing it by many methods, but nothing worked. The problem is explained below.


      My desktop configuration is:


      windows xp service pack 3, usb 2.0 ports, 512MB RAM  and 80GB hard disk, intel d102ggc2 motherboard, intel pentium D dual  core processor,


      CHIPSET: ATI radeon Xpress 200 northbridge, ATI IXP 450 southbridge, 4 Mbit firmware hub (FWH)


      VIDEO: ATI radeon X300 integrated graphics.




      I bought a iball c8.0 webcam. It is compatible with windows xp/vista/7. It uses a usb 2.0 interface port, and also backward compatible with USB 1.1. This webcam does not require any drivers, just plug and play.

      When I connected the webcam to my desktop, the webcam was detected but there was no image or video displayed on the monitor; this is the worst problem I am facing.

      When I connected the same webcam to my friends desktop, which had windows xp service pack 3, it displayed the video on the monitor. The video was also displayed on a windows 7 computer. Since it is working on other desktop computers, there is no defect in the webcam.

      I have also installed the chipset driver. But still there is no video on the monitor. I don't know whether there is a problem in hardware or in software.



      Please help me to rectify the problem and display the video from the webcam on the monitor.

      Looking for your reply.


      Thanking you,