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    Switch from DH67CL to DH67BL


      I currently have Windows 7 running on a DH67CL (B3).  As soon as Antec makes a decent microATX case (the Mini P180 is no longer available), I will stuff everything from that system into the new case.  At the same time, I will switch from DH67CL to DH67BL (also B3).  I already own both boards.


      Here's my question.  The two boards are pretty much the same, so after I hook everything up, will Windows and Intel drivers even care?  Windows might ask me to call their 800 # to verify that I am not a thief, but that's okay because I have run into that sort of thing before.  But what about Intel drivers?  Will I need to do anything special to make everybody play nice?


      I have not flashed BIOS on either board and both were bought within the last four months.  The CPU is i5-2500K.  Windows 7 is a legal copy.  The hard drive is a WDC Black with a dual-boot (W-7 Home Premium and Professional).

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          Hello baroque-quest,


          I understand that you are inquiring about the possible problems that you may find regarding swapping your motherboard without reinstalling the operating system.


          In regards to your question, we usually request to reinstall the operating system as most of the motherboards will have complete different hardware and may cause compatibility problems.


          In your specific case, both of the motherboard are very similar and they even share lots of features. This means that you may try replacing the motherboard and check if you receive any errors. At this time you should not expect any mayor errors.