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    ICH9R controller on a destroyed motherboard- is the RAID5 array & data also gone?

      Hello all,
      I have a RAID5 set up on a Windows Server 2003 PC, with 4 identical hard disks (4x 150GB) on a ICH9R controller built-in on the PC's Gigabyte g33m-ds2r motherboard.
      The motherboad seems to be dead (confirmed by numerous tests), so I am about to replace it. Does this mean I will loose all the data on the RAID5 array? (since the controller of the RAID5 array is on the motherboard that will be replaced).
      Is there anything I can do to "save"  the data from the disks, before I take the PC to the service store to get my motherboard replaced? Or anything I can do after I get my PC back from the store and I have 4 disks without the appropriate RAID5 controller?
      There is a 1 week old backup, so I am not worried, it just would be nice to save even this last week. And I also want to know if loosing the motherboard also meand means loosing the RAID5 controller and all the data with it.
      Any help would be appreciated.