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    Wireless Adapter Constantly Disconnects


      I'm using a Dell XPS 15 with the Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6200 AGN wireless adapter connecting to a D-Link DIR-655 with WPA2 AES.


      The wireless constantly disconnects and reconnects every 2-3 minutes. Here's a screenshot of just 14 minutes worth of the Intel Wireless Event Viewer -- it disconnected 7 times in that span! http://bit.ly/IYZKcP


      The problem seems to be this line: WEV_EXCLUDE_LIST_REASON_802_11_AUTH_FAILURE


      Any ideas on what could be causing this? I updated the driver in the past week, so it's not an old driver causing the problem.

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          Hello 911jason,


          Thank you for your post, can you confirm that you are not using any MAC filter or other device-exclusion option on your router? And do you have more than one laptop being affected by this issue?


          something you can try, is to make sure that it is not some older configuration that could have become corrupt after some driver updates, reload the drivers but this time remove the Intel® PROSet Software from control panel/uninstall a software, and the drivers for the wireless adapter form device manager; you may download the drivers (version 15.1) from the link below:




          If you are installing a clean driver, you may test also installing just the base drivers (Wireless_15.1.0_Ds32.exe for Windows* 7 32 bit or Wireless_15.1.0_Ds64.exe for Windows* 7 64 bit)


          Then you would test using the connection utility from Windows* only. This is to rule out the software from interacting in anyway.

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            I'm not using a MAC filter or any other device-exclusion options. I have 2 other laptops and multiple wi-fi devices (iPods/iPhones/Xbox360/etc.) that are not being affected. I'll remove the ProSet software and driver and try your suggestions.



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              So I'm running with the fresh driver install now. Without the ProSet software, is there any wireless event viewer in Windows that I can keep an eye on? Obviously, I will also keep my eye on the tray icon to see if I notice it disconnecting.

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                There actually is a way to monitor the events in Windows* itself, this you can do with the Windows* Event Viewer:


                1-     Click on start and type: event viewer, then click on the Event Viewer.

                2-     Once the window opens, on the right side click on “application and Services”

                3-     Click on Microsoft, then Windows

                4-     Scroll down to almost the very bottom,  and click on “WLAN-AutoConfig” then on “operational”

                5-     Now in the top middle pane it would show you a list of all events, sorted by date and time, ( you may need to expand the window to see them)

                6-     The list updates every time you refresh the window, (right click on the top part and click on refresh)

                7-     You can click on each event for more information.

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                  Thanks for your help. The last error message was yesterday when I was preparing to install the new driver. No errors since then. It also fixed another symptom I had recently noticed where it would take about 2 minutes to reconnect after resuming from sleep/hibernation. Since I followed your instructions it now reconnects instantly.